A qualified archers equipped

To do a good job must first sharpen his device. If you want to become an excellent archers, the first thing to know what equipment should be equipped with.

Choose a good bow nature is the first. "For their bow is a good bow." 李骥 recommend beginners start with low pounds athletic recurve bow to get started. "Traditional bow for beginners is too difficult for the use of beginners are too expensive. Recurve bow in the practice process is relatively dry, but it can make you benefit from, because it is the most exquisite action standard. An entry-level recurve bow is controlled in 700 yuan, the price of the best don't more than 30 pounds, as the level and the strength of ascension, to buy pounds more bow."

In terms of use and maintenance, 李骥 points out, on no account can use bow without an arrow ballast, because under ballast condition, energy will be released in full to the bow and bowstring, cause bow, shorten the service life of bowstring, even permanent damage, proposed that bow after each use to remove the bowstring, it can prolong the service life of GongXianHe bow slices.

李骥 stressed that the bow and crossbow is two completely different concepts, the biggest difference is that a crossbow is stipulated by the state control devices, it is illegal to purchase use. Rather than mechanical archer class equipment (recurve bow, composite bow) is not belong to the category of management.

In addition to the bow and arrow, archery enthusiasts and equip, protection of the arms and chest protector, these are all in order to protect the archery. 李骥 said: "his vest worn on the left side of the chest area, in order to prevent the release after the bowstring, bowstring to influence the direction of the arrow out of clothes, and in order to protect the clothes and bowstring. A protective sleeve on the bow arm medial, prevent the bowstring popup to draw arm, or bow on his sleeves affect the direction of the arrow out. Refers to the role of protection is to prevent the strings to finger belly of wear, but also conducive to bowstring smooth pop up."