Composite bow why so expensive

First of all, we from the aspects of design, the use of the bow do how design and pattern, in addition to the modelling of the whole bow bow is to catch people's attention, let people's eyes is one of the bright, like a lamborghini, let a person forget to see at a glance, let you see at a glance is not willing to shift her gaze, and the appearance of recurve bow than composite bow is very monotonous, although you bow to use the best coating technology, spray paint for the best and prepare for the design and color is bright, you are still a normal shape of the car, is the public's "phaeton" as though you have the best "engine" as a sports car, at the same pace as it's still not the charm of a sports car, however, so the design of the first, the use cost is more expensive than the recurve bow, it is said that a composite bow of domestic producers, in order to be able to develop a belongs to own the use modelling, please foreign designers, light bow the design fee is as high as millions.

Secondly in terms of material cost, the use of materials used in the recurve bow more obviously, at the request of the material aspects of various accessories, bow. Block and tackle is excellence, material nature won't lose to a high standard of competitive quasi recurve bow, so on the quality of the material may be equal, but the material of a composite bow need to excess recurve bow and that is something out of could see at a glance, material use, the more prices will rise, so in that sense on the usage of material, the use the same than a recurve bow.

To technically recurve bow's largest basic technical content shows on the bow and bow piece, but there is a critical technology accessories composite bow, bow in a composite bow in addition to the above and the bow, more have a super power booster, provide better protection for its speed, that is "block and tackle", that is, we often say eccentric, eccentric technology content is very high, cost is relatively high, a common composite bow on the eccentric cost thousands of yuan is very normal, you can see the price of a group of eccentric wheel, is almost equivalent to the price of an entry-level recurve bow, so the use of expensive, is your sense, more expensive than recurve bow your claim.