Play with bows and arrows, have to go

Confucian six arts, music, archery, royal, books, number, shooting skill is one of the basic skills required. Hunting weapons, since ancient times to modern sport item of perfect combination of static and dynamic, bow and arrow following a strong vitality. Due to historical geography, the number of "archers" in the north and level are higher than the south, the competitive system of sports players less than one hundred people in guangzhou. For players, a target for tzu chi, the heart of the arrow, archery training is not only a skill, but also heart.

Learning archery, first is to grind his temper, the arrow will come out from the heart, be agitated, root shoot, mind like water, impatient, bad temper, over a period of time will calm down, go into practice. "

Bow and arrow players - guangzhou Yang Jiang

Bow and arrow in guangzhou

Toll: athletic players more than 60 people, there are more than 400 people often go to arrow pavilion archery

Equip: mostly from foreign manufacturers to customize, a set of equipment from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan

Arrow pavilion: warsong (zhuhai sports center), dream bow field (hai Newport east Jin Yunlu)

Cost: remove the equipment costs, cost 500 yuan each month

Type: the competitive recurve bow, composite bow and traditional bow (generally referred to as the Mongolian bow), American hunting bow

The reporter's note

Hou yi came bow and arrow, said nothing, succeeded in shooting down nine SUNS in the sky, the people favor, leaving behind a sun; According to myth, that is, today we are in the use of the sun, from now on earth elegance alum, god with humans. Ha ha, this at the beginning to the line, focus not on the mythology, mainly reveals the history of our national use bows and arrows, long for going to mythology to find the source.

Myths aside, according to the written material, far in paleolithic primitive will bow in China, their use is simple, easy, of course, such tools for hunting only at the beginning, to capture the mouth, slowly gene diffuse in humans along with a bow and arrow, generations of evolution, making more exquisite, precision. Perhaps, we may boldly say, the first human war, bow and arrow is integral to the weapons of war.

Ever seen a TV camera, is the emergence of the shun, a group of foreign invasion of the house of their fathers stockaded village, a nature is looted and burned, and looting a girl in the village, the leader is our father be barbary, he with a bow, a pot of arrows, saved the girl, this is the stepmother shun.

The shape of the bow and the gesture may have exaggerated operation, but there is some historical basis. If this story is a bit old, "avengers alliance" in the "eagle eye" armed with a bow and arrow without and with cool, make you scream? At some point I again remind of the zhuge liang "grass boat borrow arrow", the war scenes in Rome...

With the pace of human civilization, bow and arrow once the cold steel was replaced by the pistol and other hot weapon, as a new generation of killing tool. Today, bows and arrows from faded on the wall, becoming a hobby for players with relish, it still oodles of damage, but its function is to turn a 180 °, is pure interest.