Kiev battle Rifle brick dou slingshot

Conflict on the same day, the police use slingshot, tear gas, and so on back protesters. Xinhua/method of new

Protesters shock stage, with rocks and Molotov cocktails assaulting. Xinhua/method of new

Ukraine 18 police and demonstrators in fierce clashes in Kiev, Ukraine's health ministry said on the 19th, as of the day 6, protesters violent clash with the police in the capital Kiev has killed at least 26 people and injured 388. Including the izvestia a reporter. This be Ukraine protests broke out in our country for nearly three months to the bloody day. Ukrainian President viktor yanukovich, announced that it will 20 days of mourning

18 morning, thousands of demonstrators from independence square in downtown, the parliament building direction, held demonstrations, known as the "peace march", ask parliament to restore designed to limit the President's power of the 2004 constitution. Later, protesters and riot police to maintain order and fierce clashes internal security forces. Clashes continued late into the night. Police said that some of the protesters from time to time to shoot law enforcement personnel.

Viktor yanukovich was elected in 2010, shortly after Ukraine's constitutional court ruling in 2004 amendments to the constitution of "political reform" unconstitutional, presidential system by state parliament President return to a parliamentary system. For the opposition, the authorities insist on the constitution must be carried out in accordance with the legal procedures, but the opposition think authorities want to delay the time.

When demonstrators marched to the police the cordon near the parliament building, some of the emotional impact of people are beginning to line, with rocks and Molotov cocktails, assaulting a police officer, police used rubber bullets, tear gas and light. According to police, protesters used weapons, causing conflict to upgrade. Some Reuters reporter at the scene to see, some of the guards demonstrators barricade hands with rifles, with a rifle with a mirror.

The Washington post columnist Max fisher thinks, the opposition to the government's confrontation situation for 17 "amnesty" bill takes effect slightly, now suddenly to organize mass demonstrations, may be related to Ukraine by Russia and the European Union's latest action "stimulus".

17. The Russian government announced this week to the Ukrainian government allocated $2 billion follow-on funding, as part of the $15 billion financial bailout commitments. The Russian government had previously allocated to Ukraine has the first $3 billion in aid. Domestic political crisis after the upgrade, Russian President vladimir putin announced the aid will be distributed in Ukraine after the formation of a new government.

Fischer says, appropriate assistance to the government agreed to continue, maybe cause the opposition guessing, that Russia's leaders of the two countries have reached consensus on the behind the scenes, namely Mr Yanukovich will select a pro-russian position of prime minister to form a new government, continuation of Ukraine for previous pro-russian position.

In contrast, opposition, German chancellor Angela merkel met two Ukrainian opposition leader on the same day, although said it would go for resolving Ukraine's political crisis, but I did not bring the opposition with Russia for assistance meaning is "good".

Political analysts believe that the direct fuse is Ukraine's political crisis claimed last November decided to suspend made agreement with the European Union, but the most fundamental reason is at home in "east" or "go west" on the issue of the depth of the opposition. The fundamental contradiction not dissolve, Ukraine escalation of soil is always there.

Fisher said, from the population and geographical factors analysis, about a third of the population speaks Russian, Ukraine mostly live in the eastern region near the Russian, argues closer ties with Russia; About two-thirds of the population speak Ukrainian, live mainly in the Midwest, tend to be closer to the European Union. Fisher thinks, no matter who is elected President, will be one is regarded as "own", by those deemed to be the "enemy" or a "voice" of foreign powers. The antagonism has not alleviated, and thus become a hotbed of brewing more crisis, in the event of a, such as the financial crisis worsened, the government position mutation after fermented into political turmoil.

Opposition leader and former boxing champion vitali kelly chico, 18, evening to meet with Mr Yanukovich. However, college later leave the presidential palace, said can't negotiations in the blood. And then 19 called eu leaders have held a special meeting on the situation in Ukraine. Unlike Russia said, most leaders accuse the government of Ukraine, officials and members of the European Union said it would impose sanctions on Ukraine.

The European commission President jose Manuel barroso, said he wants the eu to "excessive use of force and (increased) should be held responsible for violence, targeted measures". These measures may include the Ukrainian leaders to impose a travel ban and asset freeze. The eu's foreign and security policy high representative Catherine ashton said that member states foreign ministers will meet in Brussels on May 20, weigh the countermeasures.

The French President francois hollande and polish prime minister Donald tusk said that day, support sanctions. The German government on the same day, criticized the government of Ukraine "serious dialogue" with no opposition, led to conflict. French foreign minister Laurent Mr Fabius in Germany and France in Paris ministerial talks said: "we will not keep aloof."

Vice President Joe biden and Mr Yanukovich's phone call that day, urging the latter "pulling force, and maximum restraint".